Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Aswad - Rebel Souls (1984)

One of England's most successful Reggae bands. This album seems to be a turning point for Aswad, as they begin to transition away from roots-style reggae of their earlier albums towards a sound that is more watered down with soda.

Love Grenades - Tigers in the Fire EP

First heard this L.A. based electronic, punk rock, dance fusion triplet on the extreme mountain biking movie Kranked Vol. 8. Not sure when they are going to put out a full length LP, but this band is definitely on the come up.

Amadou and Mariam - Welcome to Mali

No idea where I got this album, but they rock so effin' hard it makes a trip to Africa seem worth the bribes you'll have to pay border officials.

James Blake - CMYK EP (2010)

Twenty one and rising fast is James Blake, an "at home" DJ with a style similar to dubstep, but all the more his own musical vision of the technicolor swimming pool. Don't miss.